Is The Brazilian Keratin Treatment Safe

By Tammie Caldwell

People spend a fortune on their hair. They want to look good, be in fashion and be recognised. It is amazing to note just how many people spend money on straightening their hair whilst others spend equal amounts in having it waved or permed. For those that desire straight hair the Brazilian keratin treatment seems to be a specific favourite. It has taken the world by storm and saloons everywhere offer it.

People have always paid a lot of attention to their hair. Styles have changed over the centuries but the desire to have straight or wavy hair is universal. To this day people pay a lot of money to to keep their hair in a certain style, even if it requires drastic treatment. Just think about perms, for example. It is a huge business.

Keratin is a protein that covers the hair. Proponents of this treatment says that it will not only straighten the hair, but also leave it soft, nourished and shiny. By applying a compound rich in this substance, they say, the hair will not only be straightened but also nourished. There are numerous websites advocating this method and people from all over the world flock towards it.

People and salons that offer this treatment to their clients maintain that it is not only safe but that it is beneficial. From the testimony of many people one thing is certain, however. It does work. This treatment does straighten hair. Does it harm the hair. Nobody will say. People will, it seems, do almost anything to gain their beauty goals. And perhaps this is good enough for most people.

Of course there are critics. They say that this treatment is dangerous. They say that this treatment results in broken ends, brittle hair and under nourished hair. There are even those that alledge that the treatment causes cancer. Critics also warn that treatments do not last. They have to be repeated every few weeks and that the negative effects will compound. In fact, OSHA have issued a warning about this product.

It is interesting to note that OSHA has issued a warning about this kind of hair treatment. They found that the treatment not only damages the hair permanently, but that once treated it stopped the hair growing back naturally. They furthermore think that the treatment may have other long term health indications such as rashes, skin cancer and even permanent hair loss.

Despite the many criticisms against this method of hair straightening people continue to flock to salons to look the way they want to. Numerous web sites attest to the effectiveness of this treatment. Perhaps the jury is still out. But one thing is certain. As long as people want to look beautiful they will embrace treatments that give them what they want.

You can be sure of one thing. As long as there are people that want to be at the cutting edge of fashion treatments such as these will be fashionable. People want to be in, to be with it and to be at the cutting edge of fashion. Keratin treatment gives it to them. And why should they not opt for this.

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