Ideas For Boot Camp Classes Westmont IL

By Tammie Caldwell

Coming up with new ideas for your boot camp classes in the city Westmont, IL 60559 can pose a new challenge for your body which will help you in your fitness endeavors. These exercises need to be fun but at the same time demanding enough to help your body. There are numerous ideas that you can choose, but you need to choose those that will best work for you. Below are some ideas to incorporate in your boot camp classes Westmont IL.

Human being are social beings and they work best when in the company of people they can relate to. This is the same case in exercises. Pairing the members will help them work together for the greater good of each one of them. They will complete the tasks together and will be a team. They will also motivate and encourage each other. If one of them is weaker, he/she will be get help from their partner.

Work stations are also very helpful especially when you have limited equipment for all the members. Each pair should visit each station and complete the exercises within the stipulated time. This should be done in pairs. This will make the heart race faster hence helping get rid of some of the fat that may make it not work properly.

For every work out to help the body, it has to be done within the stipulated time frame. If you have the ability to complete it on time, then your body is definitely improving. However, if you realize that it is becoming difficult, then you should stop at nothing to make sure that you are finally able to do it. It will be encouraging to pair people of the same capabilities to avoid u healthy competition and demoralizing them.

Fitness challenges. Once in a while, you can introduce an exercise that involves the whole group. For it to work out well, you will need to pair the members and let the pairs compete against each other on who will complete first. The fact that it is a challenge, many of them are bound to work harder hence the results will be better.

Team races and friendly competition. This one should not be done too often but one in a couple of weeks. Have the members take races and other competitive activities and encourage each one of them to try and complete first. Besides the fun and the bonding, there will also be the numerous benefits this will bring to the body.

As much as they are practicing every day, you need to give them weekly tests so that they can monitor their progress. The tests are meant to check if they can do the same exercise faster and with more ease as the weeks go by. Those who notice improvements in their performance will definitely be encouraged to go on and do better.

Max rep tests. This is done once every month. It is meant to compare performance for the current month and the previous month and check the progress of the campers. It more of a test to check how they are faring and whether the exercises are helping them.

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