How To Self Tan And Have The Desired Outputs

By Haywood Hunter

There is no doubt that colour is attractive but it all depends which colour it is. Many people nowadays like a darker look or a bronze look that is why people are turning to tanners for this. But before you achieve that look, dark or bronze, the question you will need to ask your self is how to self tan? What kind of tanner brand should one use?

The very first thing one should do is identify which self tanning brand to use. When out purchasing the product, you should read carefully through the ingredients the lotion contains, know your skin type to cancel out any reactions that may occur and after this you are sure of the brand.

Well, out with that, the steps or procedure to be taken to self tan is the main topic to be concentrated on and the guidelines are here to help you achieve that great look in the simplest way possible. The first thing you will need is a good tanner all that is explained above.

The second thing is to cleanse yourself, make sure your body is clean. You can do this by showering, use exfoliating scrubs on the entire body to remove the dead cells. This is very important especially if you want the tan to last for long, the skin will be able to absorb the tanning lotion quite easily and first. Also remember to shave unwanted hair for a smooth and easy application.

In the trouble areas such as eyebrows, knees, elbows, hands and feet you can apply a petroleum jelly or any other lotion, note any other lotion meaning apart from the tanning lotion, to avoid these areas from changing colour, that is from being too dark and the aim here is to make to your skin have an even colour.

What follows is an obvious thing to do, dry your self. Ensure that the place you are in is cool so that you do not sweat the skin should be as dry as possible. Dry skin will absorb the lotion easily without any problems whereas when the skin has water the lotion will wash off and only a little will enter your body which means you will have to use a lot of the lotion to get the results you want, so avoid the stress, and just make sure you are totally dried up.

Before you start using the tanner lotion please wear gloves so that your hands do not change colour. Apply the lotion in a circular motion, take your time and do not miss any area especially on the exposed parts. After you are done remove the gloves and throw them away, remember to wash your hands with soap and water thoroughly and do not touch any parts because you may rub off the lotion which can lead to uneven skin colour.

Applying the tanner lotion once in a week is enough all that you need to do every day is apply a moisturizer to keep you skin moisturized and glowing. But people are different others can apply it twice in a week especially on their faces but the thing is make sure that you do not overdo, for perfect results follow instructions and if you are not sure ask a beauty consultant.

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