How To Get The Best Self Tanning Lotion For Your Money

By Haywood Hunter

Getting a suntan can be difficult nowadays. On one hand, it makes you look fantastic. On the other hand, going to a tanning salon or sitting in the sun for hours is a good way to damage your skin and even increase your risk for skin cancer. The best solution involves self tanning lotion that does not require UV light to tan your skin. Here are some tips for achieving maximum results with the least amount of problems.

When you use sunless suntan lotions you need to keep your skin moist. This keeps it supple and looking good, and you should think about using some kind of skin moisturizer ahead of time. Yet, when you choose a top quality product, you also get moisturizing ingredients. This can save you a lot of time and trouble.

Perhaps one of the biggest complaints of sunless tanning products is streaking. This is often caused by choosing cheap lotions that do not work well. However, even the best creams may streak if you fail to follow the right procedure. For example, you should not exfoliate, moisturize, or shave, right before application. Always wait a few hours before using your suntan products.

The best suntan products are very simple to use. Choose products that come with a pump application. This insures that you get an equal amount of cream each time you apply. You also will have an easier time applying your cream if you use rubber gloves. This keeps from staining the hands, especially the palms. You also may wish to stand on a cloth or an old towel, to keep from getting cream on the floor.

Not everyone will receive the same results from their suntan creams. For example, those with fair complexions may notice a darker tan than they want. People with dark skin may not receive the kind of tan they are looking for. Even though the better lotions are made for all skin types, one should consider applying a light coat at first, especially for people with fair skin.

Many products contain preservatives and chemicals that can be dangerous to your health, if used long term. To avoid these problems, only use lotions that are made from all natural ingredients. Sugar based ingredients are some of the most popular choices these days. They can give you a dark tan in as little as three hours.

The top products usually deliver the best results. If you want to know which suntan creams work well, check out online reviews. Make sure it is a reliable source that uses honest reviews from actual customers that you can contact. Here is a good way to tell if you are looking at honest reviews. Not all of them will be good reviews, as you can't please everyone.

When shopping for self tanning products, customer support is an important thing to consider. Go with a company that has a reputation of honesty and quality, like Sun Laboratories. Top companies sell more products because their support systems are there to assist customers and help them with problems they may encounter. You can contact these companies over the phone during office hours and also from their website homepages.

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