How To Create A Glowing Complexion On Skin With A Sunless Tanning Lotion

By Haywood Hunter

Applying self tan lotions offers a gorgeous look to the body without exposing oneself to damaging sun radiation. A sunless tanning lotion may be all you need if you want to tint the skin and give it a glowing look. The sunrays can be damaging to skin but thanks to the introduction of self tan products. Individuals do not have to burn their skin in UV light.

You can eliminate ultraviolet rays out of the beauty equation and opt for those soothing self tanning lotions. However, for you to attain impressive results from the lotions, you need to apply them correctly. You have probably seen or heard of cases where bad self tanning has resulted to orangey hands, streaks, and dark creases. These are problems that can arise when you do not observe the tan procedures properly.

Moreover, ensure you prep your skin so that it absorbs the ingredients evenly. Improper application procedures can create unimpressive results. You do not want to have those streaky marks and deep orangey tints. Cleaning and exfoliating your skin is very important. Besides, you also need to shave thick air on skin.

Some areas such as the chest may have thick hair, which makes the application of tan difficult. The hair could trap some of the tan making it cause streaks or orange appearance. You can shave and wax the arms and legs for a perfect tint. In cleaning the body, you will be able to open up the pores.

Some formulations may have harmful and damaging effects to skin. In addition, some of the formulations tint the skin immediately while others will build a tan slowly over several days or weeks. You may have some lotions what will offer a tint for a short time while other are long lasting and could take weeks before they fade away.

By choosing the right product, you may save money and at the same time ensure you get a lasting tint. Gradual self tanner products are available in different forms including gels, creams, foams, sprays, and lotions. These products contain dihydroxyacetone-DHA, the main active ingredient which reacts with amino acids on skin to alter the complexion and look of the body.

If it is diluted by moisture on skin, it will drip and form streaks on the skin. Before you apply a tanning lotion, you can do a patch testing. This is a spot test procedure which allows you to do some experimentation to discover whether that product will work well on skin. You can apply on sensitive skin like the face but make sure you put it on a hidden part such as behind the ears.

The instant formulations are quite tricky to apply since they stain your skin immediately you apply. They may leave some streaks when not applied properly. In applying tan lotions, you need to prepare your skin for the products. You cannot apply a tanner without first removing the debris and other substances on skin. By cleaning your body, you remove all the wastes released through the skin pores and ensure the surface is ready to absorb the ingredients.

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