How To Attain A Glowing Look With Self Tanning Lotions

By Haywood Hunter

Using best at home tan sprays or lotions is one way in which you can glow your skin and change it to turn bronzy. To attain the beautiful glow, you should use self tanning products that are safe for application. The formulations should be made of substances, which will not harm your sensitive skin.

You may also want to apply elbow grease to sooth the body skin. Presence of dead skin cells and other debris on pores can prevent perfect application of your tan lotion product. When using body scrubs, it is essential that you choose the ones that are not oil-base.

If your skin is fair and you need to attain a dark complexion, you can do several applications of light medium shades. Instead of purchasing a dark shade you might want to try the light shades not to end up getting the look you do not desire. It is essential that before you apply any tanning product, you do a patch test in order to see the final color that your skin will attain after the tan process.

Cleaning your skin also removes any oils and debris that could be on pores. Some parts of skin will require special attention especially those that are creased or have folds such as the hands, feet, knees, and elbows. The folded parts of the skin tend to accumulate more debris than other areas.

Besides, when you shave a day before, it ensures that you do not have to cut the hair on top of a freshly applied tan layer. This could exfoliate the amount of tanning lotion you have already applied. In the actual bronzing or tanning, you can start with the large areas of the body, which include the back, stomach, and limbs. After that, you can then focus on your knees, ankles, feet, and the neck.

Using circular motions helps in distributing the product evenly on your skin, and this is what creates the fluid natural glow. For the face and body, you may consider using separate tan products such as face tanner and body tanner because the transformation of the skin may occur in different rates. The facial skin is much lighter and sensitive and it will tend to absorb the product easily.

Alternatively, you may consider using one coat on your face for every two coats on your body in order to prevent the face from turning too dark. When applying the tanner product, you need to be careful of the creased skins such as the ankles and knees. With the folded skin, this is where more of the tanner is trapped as you apply and it could make the skin on those areas to become too dark or bronzed.

Besides, with the tinted gels, some skin types may find them quite drying. With a good at home tan product, it will allow you to change your skin color to a bronze glow without putting in a lot of substances inside the body. Although some of these tanners may have the dihydroxyacetone, the amounts of this substance are less, and they will only tan body skin for a few days or weeks.

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