How To Apply A Self Tanner For A Attractive Glow Of The Skin

By Haywood Hunter

Use of tan lotions can help glow your skin, and give it a golden bronze feel and look. However, before you use the self tanner products, you need to prepare your skin carefully in order for the lotions to adhere well. It is essential that you first clean the body by taking a shower or bathing in order to remove dirt and oils.

The presence of oils and other forms of debris like dirt and dead cells can compromise the effect of the lotion. In addition, you have to exfoliate the skin to remove the extra skill cells and any scales of debris that may be present on your body. The dead skin cells and debris like oils can block the pores and prevent the tanning lotion from properly adhering to skin.

Having a shower to clear the dead cells and debris on skin will ensure that you apply your product on a clean surface. With debris and dead cells on your skin, they block the pores and prevent smooth and even application of your tan product. If you use tanning lotions properly, you will able to get that beautiful skin with a glowed appearance.

One of the things that make the lotions not give the desired grow and bronzing look you need on skin is because people do not apply them in the correct manner. There are procedures which when used correctly will help you get the look you want. In most cases, if you apply your tan lotion wrongly, it may lead to issues such as appearance of dark and white spots or streaks on skin, something that makes you feel uncomfortable.

Cleaning and scrubbing the body skin opens up the pores for quick penetration of your lotion. In order to accomplish this, you first need to take a shower or bathe prior to applying a lotion. You might also want to shave or wax the areas where you will apply tan lotion in order to have a clean skin without hair.

Such areas tend to trap oils, dead skin, and debris that may not come out easily. This is why you would want to exfoliate them using a body scrub. If you are attempting to do the tanning in a bathroom, you may find that it could be wet and moist. The air in bathroom might contain high level of moisture content from the steamy showers.

If you have had a hot shower, you also find that the body tends to sweat. This is something you want to deal with first because the sweating makes the skin to be wet. You will still need to dry the skin again until you have no sweat coming out. As a precaution, you should use gloves in order to avoid spreading the lotion on your hands and palms.

You might consider using the gloves that are used by hairdressers when they dry hair. This is because they tend to be of good quality, and are specially designed for cosmetic makeup practices. The gloves are thick and can provide the protection you need while also allowing you to do the application and maneuver body skin parts easily.

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