Great Results With Sunless Tanning For Young Women

By Haywood Hunter

Today's woman is looking for a tan that is fast, safe and looks good. Most people are now very aware of the dangers of ultra violet rays and natural sunlight. They have really listened to the doctors and dermatologists. Yet there are many occasions when a woman wants to look her best. Weddings, proms and reunions are times when having an impressive tan is really important.

For many years most people simply did not realize how harmful it is to spend hours in the sun. Recent research has shown that even minimal exposure to the sun can be very dangerous. Staying inside during peak UV hours, particularly between noon and four pm is recommended. Using a good quality sun block is also important. With all this in mind many people are now opting to sunless tanning as a faster and safer alternative.

It only takes about fifteen minuets to apply the solution. Most professional applications are done using an air brush system. This is a simple compressor with a length of tubing. The solution is forced out in a fine mist. This is applied to the skin in a light but even layer. It does take about six hours for the solution to work and clients are advised to avoid swimming, bathing or sweating in that time.

Everybody loves the concept of choice and this is one of the main reasons that the sun free tanning products have become so popular. They can be purchased from many high street stores and pharmacies. They are also available on line and shoppers have access to some outstanding products that have been developed in Europe and Australia. These products have been tested to very high standards and have received glowing endorsements from the FDA and American Cancer Society.

Those who prefer to have a professional tan applied should look around at some local salons before making a final decision. Most offer really great pricing and the technicians are happy to offer help and advice to their clients. Anyone having their first session should talk with the staff and get some ideas on how dark they want their tan to be. There are such a range of products that getting it just right should not be too difficult.

The sun free tan lotions work in a surprisingly simple way. They utilize naturally occurring enzymes that react with the outer layer of human skin cells. The chemical changes cause a darkening of the skin. However, the lotion only ever reaches the epidermis layer, and as this is replaced every seven to ten days the tan will gradually fade. Some products will produce a darker effect that others and those new to tanning should chat with the technician first so that they can achieve exactly the result they were looking for.

Before beginning the tanning process it is very important to shower and remove any dead or dry skin. This is because the solution cannot react with dead skin and will result in an uneven tan. No lotion, creams or make up should be worn during the treatment.

The solution adheres best to clean dry skin that does not have any lotions or creams applied. These can interfere with the absorption of the solution and lead to a blotchy look. Any rough or dry skin should be exfoliated so the solution can soak in evenly.

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