For Flawless Waxing Columbus OH Is The Area To Visit

By Toni Vang

There are many different techniques of removing hair from the body. The various methods developed and evolved differently and today some are so sophisticated that they are only preferred by certain people on the social ladder. Waxing is one of the methods of hair removal that attains its goal by pulling hair at its root. Hair removed through this method does not start growing again in at least another one or one and a half months. When in need of the best experience in waxing Columbus, OH offers one of the best locations to go.

Waxing can be applied in any part of the body in all ages of people. Some of the commonly waxed areas include face, abdomen, back, legs, feet, eyebrows, and pubic area. When done in the pubic area, it is referred to as bikini waxing. This method of hair removal is also divided into types, which are suited for use in different areas. The section below discusses some of those types.

Strip wax is among the commonest and widely applied type. It is achieved by spreading wax thinly onto the skin that needs to be waxed. A piece of paper or cloth is then applied onto it and pressed to make tight contact. The paper is then pulled off instantly, coming out with all the hair it had contact with. The paper or cloth is pulled as parallel as possible following the direction of the hair.

The aforementioned process needs to be done exactly that way if bad results need to be avoided. Deviating from the standard process may lead to negative outcomes like broken capillaries, bruising, and ingrown hair. Some people keep off from this technique because of these negative results. However, doing the process through the standard way leads to uniformly removed hair that takes longer to regrow.

Strip-less wax or hard wax is the second type. This method is very different from strip wax because it does not apply wax thinly and does not make use of clothes and papers. The wax is applied very thickly on the body and given enough time to cool off. After cooling, the wax is then removed by a therapist.

Adhesion force involved in this type is not as high as that involved in strip wax. Therefore, as a result of less adhesive force, this variation of waxing is suitable for sensitive skins. Besides being a good option for people with sensitive skins, it is also painless and more comfortable. In general, professionals such as estheticians are the ones who perform this form of hair removal.

This process may damage eyelids and eyelashes severely hence should not be used in those parts. Besides the inability to be applied on some parts of the body, the process also has certain limitations. One of the limitations is that it costs expensively and needs to be performed by an expert. The high price renders it unaffordable to some people.

One is advised to seek the services of a professional in this field. The process may lead to severe injuries when done in the wrong way. There are some conditions that make one more susceptible to skin lifting. Hence, consulting with an esthetician would be best before having the process done.

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