Essential Things To Do Before The Application Of Dark Sunsation Self Tanning Lotion

By Haywood Hunter

Like you, so many people have turned their backs on sunbathing and are now avid users of Dark Sunsation self tanning lotion. The product won't put your health in danger especially because it does not require exposing your skin to excessive UV radiation. The result you can get from this indoor tanner can impress you and everyone else around for up to 5 days.

Proper application is important to end up with a bronze complexion that looks like it was obtained by sitting in the sun for hours. It's easy to tell that it is the fake kind if there are noticeable streaks or blotches. Other than carefully smoothing on the lotion all over, it's also a must for you to carry out a few things before you actually apply this popular product.

In order for the product's active ingredient called DHA to work effectively, it has to be absorbed by the skin's topmost layer. The presence of dirt and grime can keep this plant-based substance from carrying out its job and producing an even and impressive color. Removing anything that prevents proper DHA absorption is a must prior to applying the indoor tanner.

That is why taking a shower is recommended before smoothing on the product all over. Doing so gets rid of dirt and grime that can keep DHA from accomplishing its role. Stepping foot in the shower beforehand also removes chemicals certain cosmetic products leave behind. Having clean skin is one of the things necessary for anyone to enjoy a realistic fake suntan.

You also need to exfoliate the skin prior to the application of the indoor tanning lotion. The best time to do so is while you are in the shower. Exfoliating removes excessive amounts of dead skin cells, things that are turned brown by DHA to recreate a suntanned complexion. Having too much dead cells on your skin's topmost layer may lead to a mottled effect.

A great way to slough off unwanted dead cells is by using a loofah or scrubby cloth on your skin while taking a shower. It's a good thing that Sun Laboratories, the maker of the well-known indoor tanner, also offers an exfoliating gel for the whole body. Using it is recommendable because it won't leave an oily residue, unlike many scrub solutions out there.

Another thing that needs to be carried out before smoothing on the indoor tanner is the removal of unwanted body hair. A blotchy effect may happen if the product is applied on areas with excess hair. Shaving is best done after stepping foot outside the shower when the strands are softer. If the individual's hair removal method of choice is waxing, it has to be done at least 24 hours before getting a tan indoors. This allows the skin to bounce back from undergoing such procedure.

Carrying out the steps mentioned above helps in the attainment of a fake suntan that looks smooth and realistic. DHA in Dark Sunsation self tanning lotion works best if the surface where it is applied is clean, exfoliated and free of hair. Certainly, it's also important to rub on the product evenly for anyone to enjoy the best possible result.

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