Consider These Guidelines When You Use A Sun Laboratories Medium Tan Product

By Haywood Hunter

Application of self tanners is something that should be done properly. While it is possible to apply tanners at home, you have to follow the instructions and prepare the skin properly. When you apply Sun Laboratories medium tan on skin that is properly treated, you are able to a tinted effect that is flawless. One challenge that people experience when they apply tanners on body is formation of marks.

There are unsightly marks and blotches that will appear when you do not follow the application instructions properly. The streaks are brought about by too much tan on one area, dribbling of tanner on skin, as well as presence of debris. Self tanners come in different forms and although almost all are manufactured using DHA as the main ingredient, they may show different results because of varying skin sensitivity and the other ingredients used in those products.

Every product comes with its instructions of application, and you might find that there might be a few variations here and there. Nonetheless, the application process is the same and the guidelines are similar. The procedure in preparing the skin often follows the same steps. Shaving, exfoliating, and moisturizing are some of the aspects to look at.

The reason you would want to do the patch test on face is because the facial skin is sensitive than other areas and will show the effects of tanning clearly. The kind of glow you will get on face from the test will give you a hint on what you expect to get from the product you are using. People are now discovering that using self tanners is a safer option than tanning in sun heat or tan beds.

Self tanner application experts advocate that you consider shaving some days before the actual time of applying tanning products. In exfoliating, care needs to be taken because some parts require thorough exfoliation than others. The exfoliation of skin should be done using the right scrubs. The oils based scrubs are not recommended because they contain oils that tend to be trapped and remain in pores.

The DHA component used in self tanners is safe but then again there are other compounds that are used in those products. Such compounds might interact adversely with sensitive skin. Things like fragrances and the preservative additives can cause some reactions, which make the tanning effect uncomfortable to withstand.

That said, it is important you follow the application guidelines properly. If you do not make properly use of the guidelines and instructions provided by the manufacturers, you might end up causing problems on skin. Some of the problems you are likely to face when you are applying self tanning lotions are such as formation of blotches and patches.

The streaks and marks on skin can result from poor application procedures and use of the wrong products. The product you are using in tanning skin should be able to spread easily, dry quickly, and offer long lasting tint. These are things you might not get from every other tanner product. While some will offer good tanning effects, others are just frustrating to use.

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