Characteristics Of The Best Sunless Tanning Lotion

By Haywood Hunter

Getting a sun-kissed glow artificially is a smart move being taken by so many tan fanatics all over the planet. The application of sunless tanning lotion, for instance, offers so many benefits that are hard to overlook. Without unnecessary exposure to UV radiation, skin cancer and premature aging signs can be easier to avoid. Continue reading to know the characteristics of the best indoor tanner. When you are aware of these things, you are likelier to end up purchasing and applying the perfect product.

The product contains dihydroxyacetone (DHA) in order to darken your complexion artificially. Even though the name sounds like it is a harsh substance, the truth is DHA is so mild. That's because it actually comes from sugarcane. Being 100% natural means that it goes well with the skin's composition, sparing you from unfavorable side effects like itchiness and rashes.

The product comes with a pleasing smell. It's important for the self tanner to be added with fragrance in order to mask the odor DHA tends to emit while it is doing its job. Certainly, it can be embarrassing for you to be inside the bus or elevator with other people while your skin smells kind of fishy. The perfect product to get is the one that masks DHA's smell effectively.

One of the ingredients printed on the packaging is bronzer. DHA requires about a couple of hours to start darkening your complexion. For as long as bronzer is part of the formulation, there is no need for you to wait for that long to start sporting a gorgeous complexion. Hitting the shower 6-8 hours after applying the product removes the bronzer and reveals DHA's work.

There are antioxidants present. Free radicals can be stopped from damaging your cells by the likes of vitamins C and E. With added antioxidants, unwanted premature aging signs such as fine lines and wrinkles can be kept at bay. The fact that tanning without the sun spares your skin from being touched by UV rays also allows you to keep your youthful appeal intact.

It is very easy to apply all over. There are two things that make the use of a tanning lotion simple. One of them is the bronzer added into the product. Because it lets you see where you have already made the application, streaks can be avoided. The other one is the rich consistency. You are not going to have a hard time using a tanner if it's just like your favorite daily moisturizer.

The product is available in varying tan shades. It is a good idea for a fake tan fanatic like you to opt for a tanner that creates a color that is not too far away from your own complexion. Ending up with a very realistic outcome is trouble-free if you can buy the tanner in formulations such as dark, medium or light.

Getting your hands on the best tanning lotion is the key to the attainment of a fake tan that seems so real. Before you shop for one, ask for some recommendations. There are also plenty of product reviews you may check out on the internet.

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