Affordable Airbrush Tanning For Special Events

By Haywood Hunter

There are many excellent benefits to getting a sun free tan. Dermatologist all over the country are very happy to see that people are heeding their warnings of avoiding the harmful UV rays and looking for a safer alternative. Everyone wants to look good, especially if they have a big event to attend such as a wedding, graduation or other party. The new fake tan products do an outstanding job and are also very affordable.

In the past few years technology has provided women with alternative ways to get that perfect tan. For many years sun beds were very popular. They could be used at any time of the year and were relatively inexpensive. Yet in the past year or two airbrush tanning has become extremely popular. In fact, it is now the most popular way to get a beautiful tan.

The air brushing system is very simple. Most tans are applied at a salon. The well trained technician uses a simple machine to spray a thin layer of tanning solution onto the skin. The tan will show immediately and continue to darken for the next six hours. It is important that the individual does not shower, swim or work up a sweat during that time as it will affect the quality of the tan.

Anyone who is getting their first air brush tan should spend a little time talking with the technician. They should really think about how dark they want the tan to be. It is typically recommended that clients only go a few shades darker on their first tan. This allows them to see how it will look and is not a dramatic change from their regular skin color.

One of the most important things to do before going for an air brush tan is to take a shower and removal any dead or dry skin. The solution cannot adhere to dry skin cells. Using a loofah or other exfoliating device is essential. This is especially true for the face, knees and any other area of the body with dry skin. No lotions, creams or make up should be applied as these will also affect the quality of the tan.

Typically one application is enough to provide a nice even tan. The client should be aware that it is important not to shower, swim or sweat excessively for at least six hours after the treatment. For most people one application is enough.

Bronzers can also be used as part of the tanning solution. These add an extra depth and level of color to the tan. They are very popular with people who want to look as if they just came back from vacation on a Caribbean island.

The products used are available in either a cream, lotion or gel. It is important to look for the right level of color. Some products are specially formulated to produce a deeper tan. Those looking for just a light natural looking tan should discuss this with the technician before getting started.

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