Advantages Of Belly Dance Classes Ardmore Pa

By Tammie Caldwell

Belly dancing, a westernised term given to the dance, has its origin traced in the Middle East. The body movements mostly focus on the torso area with the costumes and the movements being different in all places. Belly dance classes ardmore pa have got more people interested in the art as it has gained a lot of popularity lately.

The many movements of this dance can be divided into the following categories; shimmies, percussive movements, fluid movements, vibrations and shivers. In addition to these torso movements, dancers will make use of level changes, travelling steps, turns and twists. The arms are mostly used to control and facilitate the movement of the hips to create beautiful shapes with the body.

Just like any aerobic activity, it will burn calories as well as tone the muscles making it some sort of a workout. It is however better than other gym workouts as the practitioners also focus on improving flexibility, coordination and balance. This will in turn lead to better body awareness, improved posture and reduction in injury.

Increased blood circulation and better oxygen levels in the skin cells which result from this workout result to a clearer skin tone. To maximize on the skin benefits and accelerating the results can be done by drinking lots of water during, after and before the classes. The dead skin cells can be eliminated by use of an exfoliater regularly in the shower.

Dancers have better sleep as the well being of the body is associated with an increased ability to have normal natural cycles. For the best sleep however, you should try to do at least half an hour of dance or any other physical activity every day. This does not mean that dancing before bedtime will also help.

The practice of belly dance also stimulates mental health as the dancers have to make the movements of different muscle groups. They also master how to make a variety of shapes and lines with their bodies thus reducing the possibility of getting bored in class. This also results in a boost of their memory.

Healthy body image, positive social interactions and confidence can be enhanced by the different routines as it can act as a form of psychotherapy. Some people use this exercise to relieve and manage stress. These are very common to the modern day woman as she faces the unrealistic beauty standards that are being promoted by the media.

Most women go through abdominal cramps during their menstrual cycle. This can be alleviated by the belly dance as it strengthens pelvic muscles and enhances blood flow throughout the body. The movements done at the abdominal area also facilitate proper digestion as they massage the internal organs such as the small and large intestine.

A decreased risk of having back pain is another good thing that dancers can gain. This is done by strengthening the deep core muscles that underlie and protect the spine. This is therefore why it is important to maintain the correct posture when practising. If posture is not adhered to, dancing will aggravate back problems.

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