Why Sunless Tanning Is Safer And More Practical Than Sunbathing

By Haywood Hunter

Not all people came into this world sporting an everlasting tan. If you are not happy with your naturally pasty complexion, you really don't have to sunbathe just to look fantastic each and every time. Tanning inside the home is a safer and more sensible way to attain a lovelier skin tone. The application of an excellent sunless tanner lets you have a bronze complexion for a week.

These days, a lot of individuals have switched from sunbathing to the use of self tanners. Reasons why they have made the big change come aplenty. If you want to find out why it is recommendable for you to follow suit, continue reading.

Getting a tan without sunbathing saves your skin from being bombarded with too much UV radiation. Avoiding the sun helps significantly reduce your chances of suffering from skin cancer. This is one of the diseases that you certainly don't want to end up with. If it's not detected and treated by a doctor during its primary stages, you are likely to lose your life from it.

The use of UV-free tanners also saves you from the need to depend on suntan beds. Relying on these machines is just like baking under the scorching sun. That's because both of them involve UV light. Even if the amount of the said radiation emitted by suntan beds is regulated, the fact remains that prolonged exposure to it can cause cell mutation that leads to skin cancer.

Being exposed to excessive amounts of UV light is also the main reason why people end up looking older than their actual age. Without ample sun protection, cosmetic issues such as fine lines, wrinkles, age spots and excessive skin dryness show up prematurely. Aside from making your complexion look glorious, opting for a fake suntan also lets you appear younger.

Using the product also allows you to sport a dazzling complexion all year round. In winter, you can be a complete standout. You can steal the spotlight in summer even before you spend some time at the beach. No matter the season or the weather condition outside, you simply have to reach for that UV-tanner's bottle in order to boost your beauty and confidence.

As soon as you apply the sunless tanner of your choice, an instant skin tone change happens. This is brought about by the presence of a bronzing ingredient. The chemical that makes your complexion appear darker for up to about a week is called DHA. Extracted from plants and 100% organic, DHA reacts with the skin's amino acids and gradually creates a suntan-like color. The effect slowly disappears because the skin's topmost layer is periodically exfoliated.

It's possible to enjoy a skin tone that suits your personal preference. These days, you can come across indoor tanners in a variety of shades. You may choose a delicate golden brown hue or a really deep bronze color, or anything in between. Opting for a shade close to your natural complexion is a good idea because it allows you to end up with a realistic effect.

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