Why Is It Important To Understand What Is The Best Sunless Tanne Lotion For Your Body

By Haywood Hunter

Self-tanning lotions come in different types with varying formulations. You may have products that produce good tanning effects but on the other hand, there are those that will cause problems. Knowing what is the best sunless tanne product to use can help prevent problems such as blotches, streaks, and uneven looks on skin. If you do not check the product properly, you may end up applying something that might cause problems.

Choosing the wrong product will only create problems and perhaps harm your delicate skin. Good tanning lotions or sprays are those, which do not react adversely with skin, and they produce even complexions without causing streaks and blotches. In applying tan lotions, ensure that you first have a skin preparation.

You may need to have a spot test on a small part of skin. Consider the most sensitive parts for the spot test such as the face. This is likely to show you what you expect to get out of a tan lotion or spray. In preparing the body, you need to wash with exfoliants. The body pores have to be opened up by ensuring that you remove the oils and dead skin cells that may be clogged on pores.

With exfoliants, they help wash away that debris which may be hidden on pores ensuring that you have a clean surface for easy application. Before you put anything on surface, ensure that you dry the skin. By showering, you remove any debris or dirty on skin surface. The smell, which comes out of a tanner, is crucial.

You may even have products that will remain wet for couple of hours. Remember that when the product is dry, it is not able to penetrate the pores and create the effect. At the same time, a tanner should not take hours to dry. If the product does not dry fast, then you may end up staining surfaces and material such as the bed.

Moreover, you will want to check on the smell. People react differently to different smells, and you need to ensure that the fragrance that comes from that product really impresses you. The smell is twofold meaning that there is the smell before application and the smell after applying. When you open the bottle or container, that smell you get just before applying may imply something.

There are different fragrances that have been designed for the various lotions. Ensure that you are comfortable with the smell otherwise, you could have difficult times trying cope up. You may want to choose a light and most flowery smell that does not overpower you. It should be average in that it is not stink and at the same time, it is not mild.

The shading you get gives you a clue of the kind transformation you expect to attain after the tanning process. The shade you obtain from a test can help determine whether you like it or not. When you use your tan, ensure that you cover the hands or palms with gloves. This is because the palms may also be tanned and appear dreaded ocher.

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