Transformed Appearance At Hollywood Tans

By Haywood Hunter

Instant tan saves time that would have been spent in the sun and reduces damage caused by exposure to harmful rays. Hollywood Tans is a network of salons dedicated to providing the best tanning services with outlets in most neighborhoods. They give an affordable and luxurious experience that transforms your image.

The tanning environment feels luxurious and comfortable immediately you enter. The salons are spacious with excellent customer care and a rewarding experience. There is a trademark package called standup tanning that offers comfort and easier access to all parts of the body. The hygienic standards are high with very close attention to details.

Each salon within the franchise is equipped with the latest technology and advanced products to guarantee high quality service. The beds and booths professionally designed to guarantee full body coverage and comfort at the same time. The client feels comfortable throughout the process. They allow one to take the right position in a hygienic environment.

The training offered to the staff is an assurance that you will enjoy the best services. They are licensed and accredited to offer services in this field. You are guaranteed precision during delivery. Their level of experience ensures that clients with different skin types use the right products. They always meet customer expectations.

The experience is relaxing such that spending a few minutes in the salon is memorable. This has left many customers desiring to return. It is a relaxing and stress-free environment with great rewards on your image. The personnel are trained on customer handling to ensure that the experience is rewarding.

Tanning beds are sourced from reputable manufacturers with innovative and functional designs. They guarantee comfort and an executive feel. All salons under the franchise offer standard services. This allows individuals moving from one city to another to experience similar and high quality services. The level of attention and quality of service is similar.

The choice of products delivers the best results to clients. This includes the warm and dry VersaPro that feels comfortable at all times. It makes the experience sensational instead of using chilling-cold lotions and sprays.

The skin type dictates the product to be used. This makes the experience free of such risks as allergic reactions. The tan achieved in each case is precise and not based on trial and error. The desires of each patron are met with precision. The choice of any product guarantees the expected tan. There are options for medium, dark and very dark tans for all skin types.

The salons do not require patrons to book appoints in order to be served. The staffs are always ready with accessories and equipment for walk-in customers. It takes a few minutes to achieve desired results to release you back to your normal activities.

Tanning is done at a reasonable fee with the resulting image being excellent value for money. Payment options are convenient to include use of major credit cards and other online payment options. Installation of high performance bulbs enables the results to be seen instantly. Vertical booths are preferred because they are hygienic and safe.

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