Sunless Tanning Reviews In The Market

By Haywood Hunter

The skin is said to be the largest organ in the human body. People like to try out many things and see what the end results would be. One of them is how would one look like is they made their skins look a little bit dark and glowing? That is where self tanning comes about but we all know how human beings are impatient but creative, sunless tanning method had to be invented.It is therefore vital to look closely at sunless tanning reviews and its response to customers.

Sunless tanning is a process in which lotions or chemicals are applied to skin so that they can have a darkening effect similar to the sun tan. Pills can also be used instead of lotions or other chemicals.

One may wonder why would someone want to change their skin color to be a little darker, is it a bad thing to be light? While the answer is no, to some dark skin is attractive especially for models and many celebrities. While others, interestingly do it for fun maybe because a particular celebrity looks cool so they copy them.

When i first learned that tomatoes and carrots can turn the skin color i could not believe it because i have and still am taking these vegetables the whole of my life, especially raw carrots an amazing discovery there.

DHA is an ingredient found in many self tanning lotions and chemicals said to be safe on the skin and is approved by the FDA since the year 1973. The DHA reacts with the amino acids that are present on the outermost layer of the skin. When the tanners are applied on the skin.

Vegetables such as tomatoes are said to contain a substance called carotenoids antioxidants which tans the skin naturally is they are taken in large quantities. Amazing fact one must say and an easier and cheaper way of tanning the skin.

It is said that DHA is safe to use on the skin without causing any harm and is approved by the FDA since the year 1973 and found in many tanning skin products which is advocated and advised by many dermatologists. However this is not an assurance that your skin is safe, some people have sensitive skin and react badly with these chemicals.

Sun bathing is also harmful; one runs the risk of getting skin cancer, sunburns, wrinkles, due to the ultra violet rays. Who would want to have these effects? And also during winter one may also result to tanning beds which is really tiring and time consuming. That is why many people consider self tanners as a better option. It is no wonder that people nowadays appreciate dark models and actors and have decided to embrace skin and the market is growing day by day, it is seen as a way of ending racism and that dark skin is indeed very beautiful.

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