Sun Tanning Compared To The Popular Spray Tan

Sun Tanning Compared To The Popular Spray Tan

Many people don't like to admit things that go against what they've been accustomed to or something they like. For example, sunbathing is appealing to many people, even though they know that it can be dangerous to their health. There have been links between sunbathing and skin cancer, so this isn't a myth. Having said that, there are alternatives which can provide a beautiful healthy glow, coming from the very popular spray tan.

This method incorporates the use of numerous chemicals. They get a natural looking tan, without any danger relating to skin cancer. Science has shown a link between UV rays and skin cancer. Different self tanning methods have become very popular because people are trying to protect themselves, and rightfully so here it one way they do this is through the use of sunblock. The problem with sunblock is that it virtually blocks out vitamin D.

The use of carotenoids are often popular in self tanning methods. These include various antioxidants from tomatoes and celery, among other types of produce as well. Even the consuming them in high amounts can change one's skin tone, so they are safely incorporated into these other methods. Yet another, known as lycopene also changes one's skin tone, and is completely safe.

Although it is a temporary result, some astounding is the way to go. Last thing approximately 10 days or so, the consumer will have to be subjected to more sessions to maintain the color. The sessions are easy, involving shower stalls or cubicles where the spray is applied on the individual.

Protecting oneself is very important. Although these chemicals are considered safe, from government bodies all over the world, being cautious is always best. That means avoiding the inhalation when the application is being sprayed, and remember to keep the eyes shut.

Certainly, numerous other self tanning methods exist as well. Bronzers have agents that darken the skin tone, and generally come in the form of lotions, creams, and many others. Be careful when choosing such products because they could leave streaks, providing for a very unnatural finish. Staining is also a problem that many will encounter, and such tans are washed away in the shower.

The sprayed on tan may very well be the best solution. It's quick and easy and lasts up to 10 days. Airbrushing is another option that is completed by professionals, generally in spas, but may also be in salons. Airbrushing is a great way to get a natural looking tan for any special event.

A sure thing is that making under the sun is no longer an option, although some still do it. Some claim they do it to absorb the right amount of vitamin D. Of course, only 15 minutes or so of exposure to indirect sunlight will give people their daily dose of vitamin D, so that definitely isn't the case. The important thing to remember is to avoid exposure to the sun during its peak hours, which are generally between 10 AM and 2 PM.

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