Revelation Of Sun Laboratories Dark Sunsation

Revelation Of Sun Laboratories Dark Sunsation

For the past couple of years there has been a rapid rise in the trend of making the skin darker. The use of sun bathing and application of skin tanners are among the most widely used methods in this fashion. These methods can in a way result to terrible results such as dry scaly skin and sometime skin cancer when one uses poor quality products or exposes ones body to harmful sun rays for a long time. Sun laboratories dark sunsation has improved in safety and effectiveness of practicing this trend.

It has the ability to last for a longer period compared to other available self tanners. The skin is able to looks amazing and brings out a more natural color rather than the orange looking appearance presented by the other bronzers. Mostly it averages to a time span of up to four days without fading off. The application process is very easy and is somewhere between butter and lotion.

Among the characteristic that makes this self bronzer ultimate and outstanding is its attractive natural color plus the dark complexion it provides with only one application. It produces a smell similar to the rest of the tanners within the next hour upon application. What gives it a lead advantage is that it does not produce a strong scent and the smell can fade after bathing and upon application of body lotion.

Its capability to dry out easily makes it ideal to choose it. It dries at a time period of about five to ten minutes while in most cases you wait without wearing clothes for up to fifteen minutes for it to dry. It also goes very well with the face and it has no breakouts.

When applying, use a tanning mit to enhance much ease in the process. Using of plastic gloves even when using a mit is highly advisable as it is the best way that you can protect your fingertips. Use some body lotion before applying the tan on your body and also ensure that your spare your heels, ankles and knees. Application of transparent nail polish will also ensure that your nails are protected from yellowish colors.

Though the price is a bit much higher, the result are just magnificent and worth the price. The best part is that it is able to bring results the same as the natural tanning method unlike other products which results to orange color. It mixes with your preferred lotion and works greatly. For the best results, it is ideal you apply it and let it stay on the body before washing so that it can integrate in the skin properly.

It has a natural formula of production that is based on sugar mostly making it able to offer bronzed appearance in roughly three hours. The immediate color assists in preventing patchiness or streaking. It has the potential to keep skin well protected, hydrated and create a uniform tan. Application is easy and the tanner works well with all skin types.

Check out for these products and give it a try and you will definitely get a result worth its value. Make sure that you avoid counterfeits as they may not give a desired result and may also turn out hazardous. Try it today and you will for sure make it a priority in your shopping list.

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