Prepping Your Skin For The Use Of Sol Sunless Tanner

By Haywood Hunter

Applying the right indoor tanning product enables you to sport a skin tone that looks like you spent hours under the sun. To make the color seem realistic, it's important for you to carry out a few simple steps prior to the application of Sol sunless tanner. Read on to know the things you have to do in order to enjoy a fake suntan that looks exactly like the real thing.

Taking a shower or bath has to be done prior to the application of indoor tanning products. Doing this helps remove dirt and grime sitting on your skin which can hinder the full absorption of DHA, the active ingredient of most tanners these days. It's not unlikely for you to end up with a blotchy outcome or skin tone that is not as intense or dark as you expected it to be.

Skin exfoliation is essential in order to remove excessive dead cells on your skin. This important step to take before getting a tan indoors is best done while you are taking a shower or bath with the help of a sponge or loofah. You may also opt for a body exfoliating gel formulated exclusively for use just before the application of sunless tanning lotions or sprays.

Having the skin exfoliated beforehand gives DHA a smooth surface to work on. Otherwise, it's not unlikely for the outcome to be less than stellar. Plant-based DHA makes your complexion look lovelier by reacting with dead skin cells. By eliminating excess ones through exfoliation, the chemical is absorbed evenly and this allows you to end up with a convincing outcome.

Not all scrub solutions being sold these days may be used. When shopping, make sure that you steer clear of anything that has oily components as they may keep UV-free tanners from doing their designated role. In case you prefer using an exfoliating gel rather than a sponge or loofah, see to it that you purchase something that is formulated for indoor tanning.

Shaving your skin also has to be done in order to remove unwanted body hairs. If you skip this crucial part, the resulting color may look mottled. That's because the tanning lotion is likely to gather around each and every strand, causing the area to absorb more DHA and end up darker than the rest. Shave right after having your shower or bath while hairs are still soft.

Go ahead and get a wax if this is your preferred way to have those unwanted body hairs removed. Just see to it that you have it performed at least a day before getting a UV-free tan. This enables the skin to bounce back from the irritation caused by hot wax. Additionally, it helps ensure that there are no more residues by the time the tanning product is used.

Doing all of the steps mentioned above helps make your quest to sport a lovely fake suntan a favorable experience. It's not enough that you purchase one of the best-selling tanners on the current market as well as apply it carefully all over the body or on certain parts only. It's also important to have the skin primed for the active ingredient of the tanner you trust.

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