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By Haywood Hunter

Currently users have a broad range of tanning products to choose from due to technological advancements. Therefore, as the market floods with products, one needs some knowledge in picking the best sunless tanning lotion. This article has some useful information about tanning lotions that might assist one when buying a product. It is worth noting that applying a bad product can make skin look worse than it was before.

Skin complexion and type should be considered first when buying a product for tanning. The best way to be sure with this is to seek the advice of a dermatologist. Dermatologists give counsel about skin types, skin reactions and allergies, and commodities that give the most desirable results with minimum or no skin problems. Checking the date the item was manufactured and when it will expire is also good before buying it.

Most lotions contain DHA and erythulose as the active ingredients in their formulas. Dihydroxyacetone and erythulose combine with dead cells in the outermost skin layer to cause a color change in the epidermis. Depending on the strength of the product, the change in color may last between five to ten days from the time of application. Since the change occurs internally, it does not get washed away with water.

Dead skin cells wear away with time causing the tan to fade over time too. In fact, research indicates that a new epidermal layer is formed after every one to one and a half months. As such, to maintain the tan strong and the skin glowing, users are required to reapply at least twice every week. If the product applied good however, the tan is able to stay strong for over 4 days.

The best tanning lotions in the market also contain the amino acid tyrosine. Manufacturers claim that tyrosine helps with formation of strong tans by stimulating increased formation of melanin. More melanin means that there are more dead cells to react with the active agents to form a stronger tanning effect. There is however no official scientific data to support this claim.

A good product is also one that contains moisturizers in the formula. Moisture is an essential requirement for easier and faster tanning and maintenance of the tan for longer time. Skin cells are also replenished and well protected by moisture. Products that have aloe in their formulas are best since they can kill micro-organisms on the body surface and aloe also helps with the healing process from sunburns and small burns. For people who are getting their bodies tanned for the first time, aloe is the best product.

Other vital additives to check for in lotions are bronzers. Even though they are washed away by water, thick bronzers darken and tan skins instantly. Presence of anti-aging substances is vital too because they assist with maintain adequate air to cells and also remove wrinkles. Perfumed lotions save users the cost of buying extra perfumes hence deserve to be considered also.

After determining a commodity that works best with the skin type, one should maintain it. Unexpected outcomes or even permanent changes may result due to changing of products. The last aspect for consideration is the cost. Cost should be reasonable although quality must never be traded with cost.

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