Knowing How Sol Sunless Tanner Application Gives You A Bronze Complexion

By Haywood Hunter

Before UV-free tanning came into being, darkening the skin meant baking under the blistering sun for several minutes. Thanks to the existence of Sol sunless tanner, anyone can enjoy a lovely olive complexion in a risk-free manner these days. Continue reading to know how the application of this product makes you look like you had just concluded your exciting tropical getaway.

This indoor tanning product works excellently because of its two very important ingredients. They are the tint and an all-natural substance known as DHA. Both of them are major role players in giving your skin its sun-kissed radiance. When one of them is taken away, the resulting color may get washed off with water easily or show up only several hours after the application.

Bronzer in the tanning product carries out a couple of roles. First, it makes your complexion look darker instantly because it stains the skin. Its addition is vital as the main ingredient called DHA takes about three hours to create an initial color change. Thanks to the presence of this bronzer, you can start showing off your lovely sun-kissed glow right away.

It also lets you easily see where you have already applied the UV-free tanner. Because it causes your skin to end up stained, you can apply the tanning solution evenly all over your body or on certain parts only. The addition of bronzer helps keep those unsightly streaks at bay, allowing you to hide the fact that your lovely complexion was obtained indoors.

The ingredient that actually makes your skin appear darker for up to about a week is DHA. It's a chemical that is shared by most of the UV-free tanners available these days. Extracted from sugar cane or sugar beets, this 100% all-natural substance reacts with the skin's amino acids. A change in your complexion can be noted about three hours after the initial application.

The color created by this organic substance intensifies further after 24 to 72 hours. Wait for DHA to completely do its job before you try to reapply the tanning product in order sport a dramatic skin tone change. You may enjoy the realistic golden-brown hue for about a week long, fading gradually as the skin's topmost layer is soughed off naturally.

A sign that DHA is actually doing its job is the noticeable fishy smell that comes from your skin. It's something that is encountered by all indoor tanning fanatics no matter the brand of tanner they count just as long as the product's active ingredient is DHA. Luckily, the addition of fragrances helps in keeping this particular UV-free tanning issue to a bare minimum.

Make sure that you allow the product to linger on your skin for the next 6 to 8 hours. Doing so enables DHA to carry out its task. The moment you step foot in the shower, the tint will get easily erased by water. There's no need to fret about this because the one responsible for giving your complexion a brown shade that lasts for about a week is DHA.

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