How To Get A Beautiful Golden Bronzing Skin Using A Sunless Tan Lotion

By Haywood Hunter

Tan lotions help a person attain a beautiful bronze glow on their skin and make them look as well as feel good. The sunless tan lotion products were developed to make it easier for users to be able to tan their skin at the comfort of their own home or from salons. There is a certain procedure that you should follow to have a perfect glow if you are applying tanners at home.

The first step is to clean your body by taking a shower. This helps remove dirt and oils that may have accumulate on your skin. These substances tend to have an effect on the body, making it not adhere properly to skin tanning. You should try to remove any dead skin that might be present on your body. These types of debris tend to block the pores thus affecting the tanning process.

A shower does most of the skin cleansing. Taking a shower removes all the dead skin and debris from your body including oils. These substances usually block the pores and prevent the even distribution as well as the absorption of a tan product on your dermis. With the proper application of the tanning lotions, you will be able to get the perfect bronzing appearance.

The way you apply a tanner determines how your skin will look. If you apply it wrongly, it will not have that perfect look or glow. When applied wrongly, you might get instances of dark or white spots and in other cases streaks. It can even lead to irritation or make you feel uncomfortable. Once you are able to follow the procedure, you will be assured of a good quality outcome.

The spots usually appear mostly on the elbows and knees because of more soaking of a tanner, thus you should be keen when it comes to these areas. You can avoid these spots by simply cleaning your skin before you spread the lotions. This helps to open up your pores.

A simple shower always does the job. Apart from that, shave all areas on your body that might be covered with hair. Lightly moisturize all areas of skin that might be having creases or are rough. If possible moisturize your palms and feet after taking a shower to increase the level of tan absorption. This will also help you avoid uneven absorption and shading of tan.

Apart from that, in most cases, after having a hot shower, the body tends to sweat and it makes the skin wet. You should make sure that you dry off wet skin and no more sweat is coming out before applying the tanners. Also, try to use gloves or loofahs in order to avoid having some lotions on your hands or palms.

The best types of gloves to use are the ones used to dry hair by the hair dressers. Loofahs are mainly designed for makeup, and are usually thick but comfortable to use. With these gloves, you can easily maneuver the different skin parts without staining your hands and palms.

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